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The Perfect Gift

Our candles are guaranteed to delight and surprise month-after-month.
3-, 6-, and 12-month options available.

Transport yourself to your favorite season with a 4oz hand-poured artisan candle, making each and every day your favorite day.

One 4 oz candle monthly

About 25 hours of burn time

One surprise gift

+$2 S&H



Energy will continuously radiate by you. Re-discover your inner happiness when you light up our 8oz blissful scent of the month.

One 8oz candle monthly

About 50 hours of burn time

One surprise gift

+$2 S&H



When harmony is your lifestyle there is no turning back. Receive our 4oz + 8oz candle to help you reach your everyday balance.

One 8oz + 4oz candle monthly

About 75 hours of burn time

One surprise gift

Free shipping!



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