Beverly & 3rd Candle Co

Happy Camper | 4 oz

Fragrance Notes

Scent Category

Gourmand + Spice
Green + Herbal

Wax Type

  • Coconut
  • Soy

Fragrance Type

  • Essential Oils
  • Premium Fragrance Oils

Estimated Burn Time:

25 hours


4 oz



What once was a dense canopy of leaves above is now sparse, allowing the suns rays to peek through and warm up camp. The fallen leaves crunch under your feet, but those that are fresh cover the ground in a beautiful array of warm tones. A large snapping fire dances and a nearby stream trickles in the distance. To be one with nature is a very beautiful thing. Scent notes: apple, caramel, raspberry, cedar

Fragrance Season


Brand Location

Plainfield, IL

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