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The Monthly Boxes

Transport yourself to your favorite season with a 4oz hand-poured artisan candle, making each and every day your favorite day.

One 4 oz candle monthly

About 25 hours of burn time

One surprise gift

+$2 S&H



Energy will continuously radiate by you. Re-discover your inner happiness when you light up our 8oz blissful scent of the month.

One 8oz candle monthly

About 50 hours of burn time

One surprise gift

+$2 S&H



When harmony is your lifestyle there is no turning back. Receive our 4oz + 8oz candle to help you reach your everyday balance.

One 8oz + 4oz candle monthly

About 75 hours of burn time

One surprise gift

Free shipping!



Here at Vellabox, our mission is to curate the absolute best seasonal selection of all-natural candles. When we discover that perfect candle, we feel truly compelled to share it with you. It’s our promise to continue to deliver them to your door month after month. You’ll be thrilled with any option you choose. The time has come to light up your life with Vellabox.

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