Vella & Co.

Lucky | 8 oz

Scent Category

Gourmand + Spice
Green + Herbal

Wax Type

  • Coconut
  • Soy

Fragrance Type

  • Premium Fragrance Oils

Estimated Burn Time:

50 hours


8 oz



Something is in the air. You’ve hit every green light so far in your morning commute and miraculously avoided interstate traffic. Despite snoozing your alarm more than once, you’re actually on track to arrive at the office early–however, now you’ve got time for a caffeine fix. To your astonishment, there’s no line at the drive-thru. One large iced oat milk latte, please! Go buy a lotto ticket because today is your lucky day.


Scent Notes: cool water, ozone, flower petals


Box Included

Fragrance Season

Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter

Brand Location

Columbus, OH


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