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Pop a cork, strike a match, cozy up & stay in…

To kick off the Crafted Collab Series, we teamed up with Gary Vaynerchuk’s Empathy Wines to create candles reminiscent of their red and white blends. This fun collaboration is part of the launch campaign for Empathy’s Red Wine – a big hit over here at Vellabox HQ, and one we highly recommend you try. We couldn’t think of a better duo than wine and candles – just add snacks and a movie, and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect night in. Check out the video below to see Empathy co-founder Jon Troutman experiencing the candles crafted to showcase their wines.

Produced by: Broken Top Candle Co.
The production scoop: Our good friend Affton of Broken Top sniffed & sipped, poured & re-poured until she had the perfect companion to a glass of Empathy wine. 100% soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance, & cotton wicks.

California Red

Fragrance notes: Blackberry, black cherry, dark chocolate, vanilla, licorice
The scoop: The sun’s going down. The days are shorter now. The air is crisp. It’s that time of year when everything just feels right – glass half full.

California White

Fragrance notes: Grapefruit, Meyer lemon, sea salt, citrus blossom
The scoop: The weekend has arrived. The plan is no plan at all. You’re glass-in-hand – fresh fruits within reaching distance. You earned this moment. Drink it in.

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