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Who We Are

Vellabox is a monthly artisan candle subscription that highlights small-batch, natural candle makers from across the USA.

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Spread Love, Not Chemicals

Did you know that most candles you find in the store are paraffin wax or some sort of paraffin wax blend? This is a byproduct of petroleum (a non-renewable resource) and when burned, it releases carcinogenic chemicals into the air that are hazardous to our health.


What isn’t in our Candles

artificial dyes
animal by-products

What is in our Candles

soy, coconut, or vegetable wax
cotton braided wicks
premium fragrance
essential oils

About us

Discover high quality candle brands that you won’t find in common retail stores

We Support Small

We’re not here to make it about us…The candles you’ll receive in Vellabox are made by small-batch artisans from all over the USA. We highlight a different maker in each box and send their best seasonally appropriate scents.

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It’s Cool to Care

About the planet that is…We take a sustainable approach when choosing packaging materials. Our box is minimalistic with intention: never any bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or unnecessary waste. We encourage you to reuse what you can, and recycle what you can’t.

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It’s a Vibe

It’s a Vibe

There’s something to be said about how a lit candle can instantly change your mood and the whole feeling of a space. That’s the simple inspiration behind this subscription. Subscribe to cozy living year round and a home that always smells in season.