The Sunday Scaries ®
Candle Collection

A Sunday Scaries ® Podcast and Vellabox collaboration.

100% Soy Wax

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Made in the USA

RETAIL THERAPY by Sunday Scaries

Retail Therapy | 8 oz Pottery


A podcast about what's in, what's out, and what everyone might be talking about at your next group dinner. But, what's always in? Scented candles. Retail Therapy releases their first of the collection with scent 001. Scent notes: suede, black pepper, clove, saffron, cedar, patchouli, smoked tonka, glowing embers, guaiacwood, amber, leather, tobacco leaves. 

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The OG four. Specially crafted for burning all year round. 8-16 oz, 50-80+ hour burn.

Sunday Scaries | 8oz


Panic Room | 8oz


Rom-Com | 8oz


Two-Day Hangover | 8oz


Two-Day Hangover | 16 oz



Limited edition seasonal scents. Poured in 10 oz white ceramic vessels.

On Sunday, it’s nice to have something to lean on. Sometimes it’s a 90s romantic comedy and sometimes it’s a nice scented candle. We prefer the latter.


  • “Did I spend too much money on gin martinis last night? Yes. Am I scared to check my bank statement? Yes. Did I cop this anyways? Yes”

  • “Literally no one else doing podcast merch that hits this hard.”

  • “Fastest purchase I've ever made.”

  • “I have less anxiety just reading these scent notes.”