scents inspired by nature,
designed to nurture

$10 from every sale goes to an organization dedicated to saving each fragrances namesake.

in the box:

Forest Fog Pottery Candle

Warm & earthy like the smells of the forest after a powerful rainfall. A thick fog weaves through the trees & lingers there just above the damp mossy floor. There is a sense of calmness & rejuvenation as life is brought back to the forest.
With notes of amber, oakmoss, and tonka bean.



Woody & Grounded

Inspired by the environment that the Javan Rhino calls home at the Ujung Kulon National Park.

notes of
fresh fig, creamy sandalwood & sage leaves



Fresh & Flirty

A nod to the warm, coastal waters the elusive creature calls home. An everyday-wear fresh & vibrant scent.

notes of
waterlily, sea salt accord & juicy pear



Soft & Powerful

Inspired by their strong, solitary temperament & unique environment in both hot & cool climates.

notes of
rosemary, crisp apple & leather woods



Sweet & Playful

A representation of the Red Panda’s spirited, playful energy & soft, cuddly nature with a mix of light & warm elements.

notes of
bamboo, black currant & sandalwood

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