Vanilla & Spruce

Cardigan + Pine | 4, 8, 16 oz

Scent Category

Gourmand + Spice
Green + Herbal

Wax Type

  • Coconut
  • Soy

Fragrance Type

  • Premium Fragrance Oils

Estimated Burn Time:

25 hours, 50 hours, 80 Hours


4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz



This scent will wrap you up like a well-loved cardigan. Its harmonious blend evokes misty morning walks amidst towering pines, with hints of invigorating citrus and earthy undertones. Light it up and let the ambiance of serene forests and heartwarming memories fill your space.

Scent Notes: white pine, black tea, cedarwood, clove, fresh eucalyptus, vetiver, juicy grapefruit, cool musk

Fragrance Season

Autumn, Winter

Brand Location

Columbus, OH


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