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VINEYARD NIGHTS CANDLE SET DISCOUNTED TO $35 THIS WEEKEND ONLY. No coupon necessary. While supplies last.



Vineyard Nights Candles

From the man who brings you 1/2 of Brunch, Vineyard Nights captivates an audience with a record that’s sensual yet adventurous. Curiously coastal but grounded in longing and love.


Candles made from music just might overwhelm the senses, but we’re willing to take the ride if you are. Inspired by each of the three Vineyard Nights tracks, this set has been carefully curated by Vellabox and DJ Bean to match the EP and bless your evenings.

Vineyard Nights Candles

Bright blue skies & cake cones. The sweet smell of orange and creamy vanilla combined with honey and peach to hug you in.


Think main character of coming of age movie with Everybody Wants to Rule the World playing next on queue. Enjoy notes of coral & moss, balanced by hints of bamboo, leather, & smoke.


Champagne served with fresh mandarin, mango, & tangerine. Pop the bubbly & dance until the sun comes up. Hangovers are tomorrow’s problem.

We never did a physical release of Vineyard Nights. This was the most creative way to do it and they smell incredible.

– DJ Bean, co-host of The Brunch Podcast

The Vineyard Nights Candle Set


Set includes one of each custom candle in the Vineyard Nights collection: 2:48, 2:40, and 3:05.

  • (3) 4oz candles
  • 25+ hour burn per candle
  • 100% soy wax
  • phthalate-free fragrance
  • vegan & cruelty-free