Back to School Essentials Gift Guide

You won’t want to start the school year without these Vellabox essentials!
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August 26, 2021

Going back to school may mean something different depending on who you’re asking.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher or college student, Vellabox may just be that extra sense of relaxation or necessary addition to your desk while you study or grade assignments.

And maybe this doesn’t apply to you and that’s okay! It’s the time of year where our care-free summers fade away and stress may become a little heightened. 

There’s nothing like a candle to help calm you down and transition into the fall season!


If you’re a college student, treat yourself to a surprise candle box and bonus gift to get you through the semester.

And if you’re a parent missing your kids who are off to college, feel connected to your loved ones far away by sending them a monthly reminder of your love. 

Our boxes feature a different small batch, artisan candle maker across the US each month. These candles are seasonally-inspired and you don’t want to miss out on this year’s fall boxes!

This is a great way to stay in touch and make your kid’s place feel and (smell) like home especially when all that dirty laundry starts piling up.

Bonus point: Candles are vital for those exam weeks when you need a cram study boost. Did you know that candles help with brain focus and memory?

Read this blog to learn more about candle properties!

Remember to make sure that your off campus apartment or house allows candles. And always remember to snuff your flame when you leave your place!


Our teachers have gone the extra mile this past year and have taught our kids the ABCs to Geometry and everything in between through a screen. They deserve to be shown some love and gratitude.

Thank You Box Pick includes: “thank you” labeled candle, candle snuffer, weekly planner, hand cream, head wrap, bath bomb and tea!

What better way to say thanks than our Moments Box!

Since you might not know their favorite things, you can’t go wrong with some of our Moment Box picks.

Over 1,500 Possible Gift Combinations

Select the occasion – more choices than just thank you!

Celebrate their birthday, pregnancy, just because, new beginnings and more occasions.

Select the scent – choose one of our 6 signature scents

Select the gift & note – select as many gifts as you’d like for their box and an optional personal note and voila!

All set and can be shipped right to their door. Or you can even ship it to you and send it to school with your kiddo!

A+ tip: Add a gift card or information on how they can reuse their jar after!


If you’re holding back tears sending the kiddos off for their first bus ride to school, can’t wait to sit down after making everyone’s lunches or if you’re an empty nester, we got the perfect candle to help you enjoy your much needed me time.

Choose from six unique and elevated candles in our signature collection.

For the Emotional Parent

When you’re nervous or full of emotions after the kids go to school,

this scents help calm your mind, balance your mood and make you feel energized.

Scent notes: grapefruit, tangerine, ginger Scent notes: amber, oakmoss, tonka

For the Parent Balancing it All

Give yourself a pat on the back for doing it all- work, parenting, soccer practice, laundry and cooking meals.

The list goes on and on.

These scents are known to de-stress, fight anxiety and relax your mind and body.

Scent notes: cucumber, coconut milk, santal Scent notes: rose, green leaves, musk

For the Empty Nester Parent

Light one of these when you’re in need of a warm hug or can’t seem to fall asleep.

Scent notes: coral, bamboo, vetiver Scent notes: sweet vanilla, velvet, suede

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