Candles For You Based On Your Favorite Barbie

Let Barbie guide you in selecting your next candle!
barbie loves candles. the candle for you based on your barbie
August 14, 2023

Discover a new way to light up your space by letting Barbie decide which candle you burn next! Channel your favorite Barbie doll’s spirit and style in your home with a strike of a match. In honor of the Barbie movie, here’s just a few of our team’s favorite Barbies and which candles they’d light first. And don’t worry, we gave you some options because like Barbie, we know you like to shop!

Malibu Barbie

If Malibu Barbie was your favorite doll, then you know this Barbie loves to soak up the sun and catch some waves. In short, this California gal needs a candle that screams beach — so go with a candle that has notes of coconut, lime and citrus.

Flower Power Barbies

Not afraid to strut some color, these Barbies are a perfect match for our Moods Collection. Inspired to burn what you feel, these fun & colorful candles help Barbie celebrate her mood. Specifically, a Flower Power Barbie would love Groovy, Lucky and Bubbly from the collection.

Totally Hair Barbie

Undoubtedly, it only makes sense to pair this fan favorite Barbie (who sold 10 million dolls worldwide) with some of our top sellers. Therefore, a bold beauty like Totally Hair Barbie would totally be burning Vellabox’s Amber Aura or Kin & Care’s Shapes Collection.

Fizzy Bath Barbie

Raise your hand if you had this Barbie! After all, Fizzy Bath Barbie is the queen of self care! Since this Barbie loves pink robes, face masks and a movie marathon, which candles spell spa day? She’d be burning Cucumber Detox to refresh her bathroom and turn her Dream Home into Barbie’s Spa & Bubble Bath.

Chef Barbie

Lastly, you know this barbie is going to show you lots of love with her sweet treats. So, why not make your home smell like Bakery Chef Barbie is there in the kitchen? Our candle picks for this doll are Croissant, Soft Vanilla and Sweet Cream.

Now, you can set the mood and feel nostalgic knowing Barbie helped you pick your next fav scent. With all this being said, which candle will you be burning first?