Vellabox Diffusers

No flames, just good vibes with our NEW Vellabox diffusers. Pair with its core collection candle!
amber aura scent group image
May 12, 2023

The Vellabox diffusers are our first flameless scents. Like our core collection candles, our diffusers are made with clean fragrances and a non-toxic base. And when it comes to lifetime, these diffusers typically last 2-4 months!

So how does a diffuser work? Well, diffusers come with a bundle of thin matte black reeds that absorb the fragrance and disperse it into the air. If you want the maximum fragrance from your diffuser, flip the sticks daily.

What makes them so appealing is their simplicity. No need to grab matches or worry about any open flames, just place the reeds in the oil and let nature do the rest.

What scents are Vellabox diffusers available in?

Our diffusers are available in all 6 of our core collection scents. Select the diffuser based on the scents you love!

To be a candle pro, burn your Vellabox candle in the kitchen or living room and place its complimentary diffuser in your bathroom. Do this while hosting and everyone will be asking why your home smells so good.

~ For fans of citrus ~

Golden Hour

grapefruit, tangerine, ginger


~ For fans of fresh and green ~

Cucumber Detox

cucumber, fresh water, violet


~ Fans of floral ~

Rose Bouquet

rose, green leaves, sandalwood


~ Fans of woodsy ~

After Midnight

coral, vetiver, bamboo


~ Fans of sweet and spice ~

Soft Vanilla

vanilla, velvet, suede


~ Fans of woodsy ~

Amber Aura

amber, oakmoss, tonka


What was the inspiration behind the reed diffusers?

You asked and we listened. We had a lot of you messaging us if our signature fragrances were available in more than just our candles. With the rising interest for diffusers in the home industry, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to expand our product line. To align with the rest of our core collection’s branding, our diffuser needed a sleek design. So, our development team landed on a clear diffuser jar, matte black reed sticks and minimalistic label for an effortless decor piece.

Plus, diffusers are love at first light if you are likely to forget about snuffing your flame. As a reminder, never leave a candle unattended, but don’t worry we’ve been guilty of it too. And if you live or work somewhere that’s not candle-friendly, no need to light any flames with our diffuser! In short, drop those sticks in and you are good to go.

What makes our diffusers unique?

Our diffuser offers a subtle and long-lasting way (2-4 months!!) to fill any space with delightful scents. Its minimal and contemporary style adds a touch of elegance and a pleasant aroma to your home.

With 6 scents to choose from, our reed diffusers not only freshen up your home, but also create a relaxing ambiance to enhances your well-being.