How To Make A DIY Advent Calendar

Reuse your Vellabox for an eco-friendly and holiday craft tradition!
December 8, 2023

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to make it extra special than by creating your very own DIY Advent calendar? Upcycle the canvas bags from your Vellabox monthly subscription a fun and eco-friendly holiday craft. This unique Advent calendar adds charm to your home decor and a great tradition with kids!

STEP 1: Gather Your Materials

Before we dive into the crafting process, let’s gather all the necessary materials:

  1. Canvas bags from your Vellabox subscription
  2. Twine or string
  3. Clothespins
  4. Small, eco-friendly goodies or meaningful items
  5. Craft supplies (markers, stickers, etc.)

STEP 2: Prepare the Canvas Bags

Start by laying out your canvas bags and deciding how many you want for your Advent calendar. You can choose to create a 12-day countdown or a shorter one, depending on how long you’ve been a subscriber and collected bags.

STEP 3: Number the Bags

Using craft supplies like markers or stickers, number each bag leading up to the final day. You can get creative with your numbering style and colors to match your holiday theme. This step is optional.

STEP 4: Fill the Bags with Goodies

This is where the real fun begins! Fill each bag with small, eco-friendly goodies or meaningful items for your kids. Some ideas include:

  • Miniature ornaments
  • Handwritten notes or inspirational quotes
  • Homemade cookies or chocolates
  • Small toys or trinkets
  • Puzzle pieces (assemble a holiday puzzle throughout the month)

STEP 5: Hang Your Advent Calendar

Cut a length of twine or string that fits the space where you plan to hang your Advent calendar. Attach it to the wall using nails, hooks, or removable adhesive hooks, ensuring it’s level and secure.

Now, attach each filled canvas bag to the twine using clothespins. You can space them evenly or arrange them in a random pattern for an eclectic look.

As each day unfolds, enjoy the surprises tucked inside the bags, and take a moment to reflect on the joy and gratitude that the holiday season brings.

Share your reuse creation on social media and tag us @vellabox. Happy Holidays!