Earth Day Box with Scentbird

Earth Month is one of Vellabox’s favorite times of year! We shine a brighter light on ways to live more sustainably plus our Earth Day Box is all about celebrating our world and the species that inhabit it.
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April 19, 2022

Happy Earth Month!

We’re excited to share with you our limited-time Earth Day Box in collaboration with our fragrance friends at Scentbird.

Just last month, we partnered with Scentbird for the March Vellabox. Subscribers received 1 of 5 possible perfumes in their box to pair with their monthly candle.

This was such a fun and well-received duo that we decided to continue the partnership with the Earth Day Box! This earth-themed box includes a 10 oz Vellabox pottery candle as well as 4 perfume vials from the Sanctuary fragrance line, curated by Scentbird.

Sanctuary is a featured brand that you can receive with a Scentbird subscription. It was the perfect choice for this box because of its use of 100% clean & cruelty-free ingredients, and most of all, the mission behind the brand.

With thousands of endangered species expected to become extinct in the next 10 years (according to the IUCN), Sanctuary commits themselves to supporting conservation efforts to make this world a better place for these species.

The Sanctuary perfumes are named after species considered critically endangered, those on the cusp of going extinct.

20% of proceeds from every Sanctuary purchase goes towards organizations dedicated to saving each fragrance’s namesake.

So far, Sanctuary has raised over $63,000 for endangered species funds.


$10 from every Earth Day box purchase gives back to these endangered wildlife funds.

Take a Peek at What’s Inside:

Forest Fog Pottery Candle 

Scent notes: amber, oakmoss, tonka bean

Warm & earthy like the smells of the forest after a powerful rainfall. 

10 oz Vellabox Pottery Vessel | 60+ hrs of burn

100% soy wax, clean fragrance, cotton wick, vegan, cruelty-free

Red Panda

Scent notes: black currant, bamboo, vanilla orchid, sandalwood, jasmine petals

Inspired by their spirited, playful energy and soft, cuddly nature. Contributions to The Red Panda Network

Amur Leopard

Scent notes: rosemary, apple, warm amber, heady leather, and tonka bean

Inspired by their strong, solitary temperament and unique environments in both extreme hot and cool climates. Contributions to The Phoenix Fund

Vaquita Dolphin

Scent notes: sea salt accord, fresh waterlily, red currant berries, juicy pear, and a touch of cedar wood

Inspired by the warm, coastal waters the elusive creature calls home. Contributions to Save the Whales

Javan Rhino

Scent notes: sandalwood, sage, tonka bean, fresh figs, and crisp bergamot

Inspired by Ujung Kulon National Park that the Javan Rhino calls home. Contributions to Save the Rhino

Together we’re offering 100% clean, vegan, cruelty-free & community-driven fragrances for a better future.

A Vellabox x Scentbird exclusive just for Earth month!

Plus don’t miss our Special Presale pricing:

$88 + free shipping (orig. $138)

This $50 off presale ends 4/22

Your only chance to try the entire sanctuary line at this price!