Meet the Maker: Sage and Bloom Co

Get to know our February Box Candle Partner Maker! Home is where the heart is when it comes to hand-pouring Sage and Bloom Co candles in their home studio.
February 11, 2023

Amber Vadas, CEO Featured in the February 2023 Vellabox

Sage and Bloom Co is happily made in McCordsville, IN since 2020.

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How did Sage and Bloom Co get started?

In 2018, I started creating bath salts made from all-natural ingredients to help my daughter’s eczema skin condition. I was tired of using commercial chemical-loaded products. Due to the harshness of store-bought products, I wanted to find a solution that was more natural.

One thing led to another, and now Amber has 5+ collections of less toxic and consciously-created products. Amber running her own business thus far has felt natural given her entrepreneurial roots with many of her family members having businesses of their own.

Sage and Bloom Co’s product line is chic and modern with an earthy twist. Their materials are specifically selected to be top of line and truly unique. They use creamy, coconut soy wax that is sourced in the Midwest. Plus they create candles that can be custom-made to meet anyone’s lifestyle.

 “At Sage and Bloom Co, we use fine fragrance oils with complex scent profiles. The fragrances are mutagen-free, carcinogen-free, phthalate-free, and never tested on animals.”

Amber Vadas, Owner of Sage and Bloom Co

The Dark Rose + Labdanum has to be one of the most surprising scents I’ve ever worked with. I’m not sure what sparked within me to purchase these oils because I actually do not like rose scented products or really any type of floral fragrances.

But something about Dark Rose + Labdanum blew my mind, it was actually one of the first fragrances that I offered in my line in early 2020. What makes it stand out is that it’s not a straight floral scent, it’s very complex and has very unique layers. It has been my number one seller since I launched in 2020.

Fig Tree + Freesia is a fragrance that came a bit later. I wanted to offer more floral scents and it was one that just stuck with me. To be honest when I smell it it reminds me of my mom, maybe a perfume she wore when I was a child. Also, I have an obsession with figs, so there was no question this scent had to be featured in my signature line.

Sandalwood + Smoke is a very interesting scent. To be honest at first I did not love it. It was only until I had some friends come over and go crazy over it that I realized I might need to consider it. After having Sandalwood + Smoke in my line for a little over a year, it has easily become one of my top sellers.

These featured scents are available in the Vellabox candle shop!

What is your favorite candle that you’ve created?

My favorite candle hands down that I make is Pink Pepper Vetiver. It is a bit musky but so calming. I love in general the fact I get to create this candle–and all my products–from home and have a beautifully designed in-home studio to create from.

What has been the most rewarding part of running your own business?

The most rewarding thing about running my own business is that people love the products I create. They love the fragrances, the designs, wax, and the fact that my candles are consciously curated.

When I go to markets, seeing and hearing the feedback from my customers is especially rewarding. I studied graphic design for 2 years in high school through a vocational program. People always comment on how beautiful my brand is which really makes me feel great.

What has been the most challenging part of running your own business?

The most challenging thing has to be the marketing aspect of the business. I know I have a really great product and the hardest part is figuring out how to get it in front of as many people as possible.

What has surprised you most about candle making?

Candle making is not just melting some wax and sticking a wick in it. It was surprised me how long it took me to realize that it is in fact a science. It took me several years to really conquer the art of candle making and even now I am still learning.

Another part that has been a bit surprising to me is how long it has taken for me to get to where I am. It is a slow process and does not happen overnight. I think the thing I have learned along the way is that making goals to achieve and setting them into action has really helped me to move or progress my business.

What are some of your hobbies outside of your business?

Amber enjoys the creative process behind interior and graphic design, spending time with her four children Taylor, Annabelle, Eli, and Alex, exploring the outdoors, and traveling with her husband, Jeff.

Any exciting launches coming up that we can look forward to?

I started out making bath salts and bath bombs in 2018 made with all natural ingredients. I have actually been toying with the idea of bringing these products back, but we will see!