Team Favorite Fall Candle & Kid Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween! What's our team's favorite fall candle? Shop their picks and take a trip down memory lane with their favorite Halloween costume as a kid.
vellabox kid costume team series halloween
October 27, 2023

Happy Halloween! Discover which fall candles our team is loving whether it’s a featured scent in our candle subscription box or from our artisan marketplace. Plus take a look into their past with their favorite costume as a kid.

Adam, Founder

One year my Halloween costume was dressing up as a cop (and maybe giving my sister Bri a hard time too).

I’m a big fan of New York Fall. It’s our candle collab with the Sunday Scaries podcast. It smells like window shopping on a cool day and the fireplace burning in your living room.

Bri, CEO

Raise your hand if you were also obsessed with Hannah Montana as a kid. Only made sense for me to dress up as a pop star, or I might even be a rock star!

Our October subscription box featured Haunted Haus, which is one of my favorite candles we’ve spotlighted in my time here at Vellabox. Boo!

Lydia, Director of Marketing

I don’t shy away from the dark colors, moody makeup and spooky fits for Halloween. I loved being a vampire as a kid!

As soon as we came up with Traditional Chai, I knew I would fall in love. You can smell this warm spice blend wafting through your space without it even being lit.

Lauren, Public Relations & Brand Partnerships Lead

I’m a cheetah print and feline lover to my core, so no surprise I was a cat for Halloween. Meow!

We have so many great fall candles, so it was hard picking just one but I’m obsessed with pumpkin coffee. It smells like a coffee shop during fall.

Natalee, Merchandising & Partnerships Manager

I love all things glam and pink, so one of my favorite Halloween costumes was a princess!

Apple Grove is one of my favorite Vellabox fall candles! It takes me back to picking apples from the grove and baking apple crips with my Mom.

Brittany, Support/Fulfillment and Wholesale Lead

Who doesn’t love a glass of red at home on an autumn night! I’d have to say Red Blend is my go-to, but Indigo Prism from our October box is at the top of my list for fall faves.

My dog Frankie was the cutest lion one year. He looks tough, but nothing but sweetness on the inside. Woof or rawr?!

Chris, Operations Manager

Between my brothers and I, we could never coordinate on a matching theme. This year I was a cowboy. Yeehaw!

You can’t go wrong with Oversized Flannel. With notes of mahogany, cedarwood, and amber, it smells like my favorite flannel shirt.

Melina, Creative Marketing Associate

I love dressing up and getting into character – this year as a princess. Just like our candles, I love a cute but functional (aka warm) Halloween outfit.

My all-time favorite fall candle from our artisan shop is Toasted Pumpkin. This pumpkin loaf candle has sadly been retired. But, I will say I’m currently loving our newly-formulated Pumpkin Harvest!