How to Reuse Your Jar for Halloween DIY Crafts

Four DIY Halloween Crafts for Functional and Boo-tiful Decor! Reuse Your Candle Jar & Items Probably Already In Your Home.
halloween mantle candle reuse diy craft
October 28, 2022

When it comes to celebrating Halloween, there are so many ways to decorate! Carving pumpkins, displaying tombstones in the yard, artificial spiders around the house plus cobwebs, bats, skeletons and ghouls–the spooky possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking for Halloween decor that doesn’t mean a trip to the store, I might just have the answer for you! We’re all about reusing what you can from your Vellabox, so before you throw away your candle (do people still do this?!), save that jar.

Your Vellabox jar can be used to make DIY, functional decor and crafts. Plus a fun, holiday-themed bonding activity with the kids. Keep reading for my 4 Halloween jar decor picks!

Decorative 3-Layer Candy Jar

holiday-themed candle jar reuse with candy layer

If you’re like me, then you and your Sanderson sisters will be goblin candy all night long, so why not jazz it up! Grab your Vellabox jar and favorite Halloween candies and make some delicious decor. My favorite treats are Reese’s Take 5, Twix, M&Ms and Peep Ghosts.

Depending which jar size you are using (4 oz, 8 oz or 16 oz), layer each different candy until it reaches the top of the jar. Talk about a craft under 5 minutes!

Not only is this a functional Halloween decoration, it controls your intake of candy if you tend to eat too much at once (guilty, haha).

Jack-o-Lantern Jar Decor

There’s something therapeutic about painting. Grab the following materials: your brushes, paint, a wine cork and either raffia or ribbon. Put on your favorite Halloween movie and paint your Jack-o-Lantern jar!

jack-o-lantern jar decor craft

Below is the step-by-step from to make the perfect Halloween decoration.

Once you remove the label and clean your jar, you’re ready to begin! Completely cover the jar in orange paint. Let it dry entirely before painting on your spooky face!

Next take your raffia or ribbon and tie it in a bow around your wine cork. Cut off the excess material and save for your next craft! Then, using a hot glue gun or tape, glue the cork to your lid. Looking gourd, your craft is complete!!

Gimme all the Glitter DIY Decor

glitter DIY candle jar

This craft is another fun way to show off your artistic capabilities – but may be a little messy! So place down something like a piece of paper or table cover for this work station. Use fine glitter to cover your jar with and complete the look with some googly eyes.

Feel free to add some candy corn or Halloween candy to the contents of your clean jar!

Halloween Mummy Decor

mummy jar halloween candle jar reuse

Talk about a no mess and easy DIY craft! Plus these adorable jars are sure to earn you the “Mummy of the Year” award. All you need is some cheesecloth or gauze (that you can probably find in your medicine or boo-boo cabinet) and some googly eyes!

Wrap up your mummy as you please and then secure the loose ends with tape or mod podge.

How will you reuse your Vellabox jar for Halloween DIY decor?

Which of these 4 DIY craft ideas will you try this weekend? Share your gourd-geous DIY jar masterpiece with us on social. You can find us @vellabox on IG, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok.

Tag us and use the hashtag #vellareuse so we can reshare it! Have a safe and fun Halloween. As always happy clean burning!

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