Meet the Maker: True Hue Candle Co.

Get to know our January Box Candle Partner Maker! These scents from True Hue are inspired by clean, functional design and a soul for adventure.
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January 20, 2023

Griffin Overbye, CEO + Creative Director Featured in the January 2023 Vellabox

True Hue is happily made in Minneapolis, MN since 2017.

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How did True Hue Candle Co. get started?

After switching majors in college, True Hue was born as a creative outlet. I always had a strong appreciation for high end fragrances, but not the price. I wanted to create a line of clean and sophisticated fragrances at a more approachable price point.

What started out in a 500 square ft apartment is now an online shop of 6 product categories , from candles to reed diffusers to hand + body wash, currently settled in a 6,000 sq ft warehouse.

Inspired by clean, functional design and a soul for adventure, True Hue seeks to produce the best line of home fragrances that remind you of wandering through the forest, soaking up the sun by a cool, blue lake, and dancing in the moonlight.

 “I wear all of the hats under the sun. My days consist of marketing to product developing to candle pouring. I work so closely with the products that I make that I never bring any home with me – by the end of the day I am the candle in my house.”

Griffin Overbye, Owner of True Hue

Each scent has a curated vision that inspired its crafted fragrance.

Stargazing was the first scent we ever formulated and our top seller. Its inspiration has a strong tie to growing up in the north and under the stars. Reminiscent of dewey grass, water washing over shoreline and wind ripping through dried out shrub on airy summer evenings. Smells of mandarin, vetiver, sandalwood and sage come together to form the first ever scent of True Hue.

Crushed Salt + Mist was also an early fragrance of ours and was created out of adoration for natures fresh, crisp and clean smells. The epitome of fresh. Think chartered voyage with sprays of water and waves clapping against ragged stone. Pine, green leaves and lily of the valley blend to create a euphoric mist.

Spiced Mule is the flair every gathering needs with its warm notes of orange peel, bright rosemary, and spicy ginger. Any sort of mule, especially a spiced mule, is a go to in my house (especially during the holidays). You can dress them up or dress them down – either way and every way, they’re jolly.

These featured scents are available in the Vellabox candle shop!

What is your favorite candle that you’ve created?

My favorite product I’ve ever created is always the one I am working on next. I am constantly inspired by things all around me and find it a fun challenge to translate my inspiration into fragrance. However, I am particularly proud of our new line of Hand + Body Wash that just launched recently.

What has been the most rewarding part of running your own business?

The most rewarding part of running my own business has to be the way that True Hue has made an impact on peoples lives. I have been fortunate to have heard some amazing stories about how fragrance has helped people heal, create new memories, and cherish old memories.

What has been the most challenging part of running your own business?

The most challenging part of running my own business, which is also one of the most exciting, would be leaning into risk. I have never done a lot of the things running a small business calls you do to so it can feel scary sometimes. However, that scary feeling is almost always rewarded if enough patience and dedication is put forth.

What has surprised you most about candle making?

Candlemaking can be quite a science and I love that even though I have been pouring candles for a while now, it still feels like there is more to learn.

A fun fact about True Hue?

Our clear glass picnic vessels are reusable for drink/food and dishwasher safe! Simply clean out remaining wax, scrub with soap and water, and you’ve got yourself an up-cycled glass! You can also use them as a planter, toiletry holder, or even save it to try making a candle of your very own.

Our glass vessels are also made here in North America. We’ve chosen to source them here in efforts of lessening our carbon footprint through minimizing transportation of materials.

Any exciting launches coming up that we can look forward to?

We have just launched our new line of Hand + Body Washes that are available in our Stargazing and Crushed Salt + Mist scents!

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