Meet the Maker: Borough Home

Get to know our March Box Candle Maker! Q + A with Laura of Borough Home - Hawaii native turned fragrance enthusiast.
March 7, 2024

Laura Lutz, Candle Maker and Founder of Borough Home

Featured in the March 2024 Vellabox

Born out of a passion for fragrance, Borough Home was founded in 2021 by Laura Lutz. Using her scent memories, travels and nostalgia for her home state of Hawaii, Laura creates scented products that transport and transform spaces.

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How did Borough Home get started?

I started collecting perfumes in 2015 when I was trying to find a fragrance for my wedding day. After many years of smelling whatever I could get my hands on, I received a candle for my birthday in 2021. The scent was beautiful, but it burned poorly and the next day I started researching how to make candles. I launched my business three months later and the rest is history!

Scent memories are integral to how I remember people, places and experiences. Born and raised in Hawaii, the smells of my youth were tangerines and grapefruits from my grandparent’s trees, juicy pineapple and the heady fragrance of lei at celebrations. Add a dollop of sunscreen and salty sea air and you get the idea of what my childhood smelled like.

Trail was an early scent I developed. Since living in Portland, Oregon for almost 17 years, my Pacific Northwest home smells of rain and evergreens, roses and damp earth. I wanted to capture the scent of a misty forest trail with notes of fir, oak moss and damp soil.

Soft Peaks was inspired by softly whipped cream and that luxurious, velvety feeling. I wanted a scent that could work year-round and that smelled luxe and soft at the same time with notes of coconut milk, orchid, ripe figs, cedar and tonka.

Daybreak was inspired by early morning walks in my neighborhood. I would see purple lavender blooms along the sidewalk and fresh cool air. It smells fresh, clean and energetic, just like the beginning of a new day with notes of lavender, bay, tobacco leaf.

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What is your favorite product that you’ve created?

I have too many favorites when it comes to candles! I am always coming up with new scents and even have a monthly drop of unique scents on my website each month. My favorite non-candle product is our perfume oils. As a perfume collector, it is my dream to have a fine fragrance line and these scents are so delicious and beautiful.

Outside of my collections, I launched my Studio Series, which is a limited edition drop of scented goods every month only available on my website. Each scent is unique and new. It’s my way of putting out as many new scents as possible because I am just too passionate about fragrance!

What values or pillars does your business take pride in?

I want our brand to be fragrance-forward and accessible. I believe that everyone can enjoy the beauty and power that scent has to transform their spaces without breaking their budget. I believe in sourcing high-quality products that perform better than what is available at big box stores. I also believe in community and try my best to cultivate a community of kindness and understanding.

What has surprised you about candle making and running a business?

The math involved! It’s not as simple as you think. I think in order to run a business (and run it well), you have to be an optimist. If you believe you’ll do well and you put in the work, the results will follow. There are so many little details that are involved but I love to challenge myself.

In theme with our March box, describe your perfect weekend getaway?

A secluded cabin in the forest when it’s rainy and cold. I love to get away and read, play board games and relax with my husband.