NEW: The Parlay Collection

Check out the newest candle collection by Vellabox featuring a whole line of scents unlike anything we've done before!
July 13, 2023

Introducing “The Parlay Collection” – a distinctive set of luxury candles meticulously crafted to encapsulate different environments and experiences, bringing them to life through fragrance. This is a collection that falls more on the masculine side, filling a longstanding void not only in the Vellabox product line, but also the candle market in general. However, these candles are not just for men. They can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates a unique, robust and truly captivating scent profile.

The Parlay Collection is an ensemble of four scents: Tee Time, Poker Night, Tee Time, and Bachelor Pad. When these captivating fragrances fill your living space, they create a harmonious blend of sophistication and masculinity, setting an atmosphere of refined taste and irresistible charm.

Meet the Candles

A testament to timeless style and impeccable craftsmanship, these candles exude sophistication. Our Bachelor Pad candle channels urban cool for your fun uncle or the single guy next door. Tee Time smells like the grounds to celebrate a good round. Poker Night encapsulates the thrill of the game. And Cigar Lounge reminds you of a stogie shop.

~ Smells like a luxury apartment ~

Bachelor Pad

Its warm glow reflects the ambiance of a tastefully furnished space merging the rich aroma of mid-century wood, a trace of cologne, and the musk of an open city window.

Scent Notes: vetiver, sandalwood, cologne, musk



~ Your game night’s good luck charm ~


Poker Night

Ignite an evening of high stakes and high spirits. Each radiant flicker is a card drawn, a chip bet, and a winning hand revealed, transforming your space into a timeless gentleman’s club where legends are born.

Scent Notes: whisky, bergamot, clary sage, velvet


~ For the best golf recovery routine ~

Tee Time

The essence of a perfect golf Sunday, transporting you to freshly manicured greens under a clear blue sky. Every flicker delivers the invigorating scent of dew-kissed grass with undertones of a crisp, cool breeze and the anticipation of a well-placed drive.

Scent Notes: Bermuda grass, fresh air, morning dew



~ Smells like Dad’s man cave ~


Cigar Lounge

Infuse your space with the timeless elegance of a private cigar lounge club. Its captivating scent channels a rich tapestry of fragrant smoke, soft leather chairs, and polished wooden accents.

Scent Notes: tobacco, smoke, aged leather


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