Monthly Playlists to Pair With Your Candles

NEW! Curated playlists to match the theme of your monthly Vellabox. Listen & burn for the ultimate vibe.
February 2, 2022

It’s hard to believe the first month of the new year has already come to an end! 

We hope you enjoyed the January 2022 box featuring Kin & Care candles and a new musical addition…

You may have noticed a QR code on the top card of this month’s box.

If you’re unsure of what it’s for or how to use it, you’ve come to the right place.

The Monthly Vellabox Playlist

SURPRISE! Now each box comes with a perfectly curated playlist to light the mood and set intentions.

Songs are selected to pair well with the theme of the month. January’s theme was all about positivity, new beginnings, and letting the light in. We selected songs to inspire these feelings to enjoy with the comfort of your January candle!

This Month’s Playlist

March’s box theme is about the power of scent–resetting your space to foster confidence, happiness, and well-being. Celebrate Women’s History Month and listen to hits from some iconic female artists!

Music + Self Care

Listening to a song is like lighting a candle. It can help us mentally and emotionally, overall improving our well-being.

It can comfort us on a sad day and reduce stress when we need it most. Pair it with a candle in a space that inspires you and you’ve created the ultimate sensory environment.

This is why we’ve chosen to add an element of sound to our little box of self-care. We aim to provide an extended experience through music that will hopefully make your days a little brighter.

How to Listen

Open the Spotify mobile app

Locate the camera icon on the search page

P.S. Why Spotify? It’s free for all to sign up and listen!

Scan the QR code

Locate the code on your Vellabox top card

Aim your camera at the code

Access this month’s playlist!

Press play on this month’s Vellabox

Trim your wick,

Light your monthly Vellabox candle,

and listen as your burn!

Start liking your fav playlist!

Cozy vibes are waiting to come home!

Get started to receive monthly candles delivered straight to your door.

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Have song suggestions for next month’s box?

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We’re so excited for the year ahead full of good smells and good music to match!

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