The Moods Candle Based on Your Home Aesthetic

Find out which Moods candle is a "perfect match" for you based on your home aesthetic and interior design choices!
moods candle in home aesthetic/interior design
May 22, 2023

When thinking of home curation, there is an element you may forget to consider: SCENT! Just like the visual appeal and interior design of a person’s home can tell a lot about them, so can their signature home scent. Both are an extension of your personality.

Like burning your favorite candle, our interior design style and aesthetic influence our overall well-being, productivity, and comfort within our living environment. Thoughtfully-curated homes and spaces can boost our mood, promote relaxation and create a sense of belonging.

In this blog, we will be matching candles from our newest collection to a home aesthetic that we think best fits the vibe.

The Moods Candle For You Based on 6 Interior Design Styles

From choosing your space’s color schemes, furniture, decor, and more, there’s a sense of joy and pride in expressing your style while creating an inviting space!

While this blog doesn’t encompass all interior design styles or your own unique mix, some popular styles we’ll discuss are: Scandinavian, eclectic, industrial, farmhouse, bohemian, and mid-century. Now let’s match you with the candle from our Moods Collection to burn based on the vibe you gravitate towards!

Fans of Scandinavian

The Scandinavian interior design style sums up the lucky girl aesthetic. It emphasizes functionality, natural light and a clutter-free environment. Think a neutral color palette, light-colored woods, and minimalistic decor to create a sense of tranquility and gratitude.

Lucky features a fresh blend of cool water, ozone and flower petals. It’s the perfect match for the Scandinavian aesthetic’s emphasis on creating a calm and serene space.

Fans of Eclectic

Eclectic aesthetics don’t shy away from bright and bold pieces, wall art, and pillows. This interior design style combines diverse patterns, influences, and textures to create a visually stimulating and unique space that reflects your personality and signature twist.

Bubbly, being the citrus candle of the Moods collection, embodies this home aesthetic with notes of champagne, mandarin, and blackberry. Don’t abandon that zebra rug in your cart and go light this bright and fun candle!

Fans of Industrial

Inspired by rugged elements and warehouses, Industrial aesthetics showcase raw and unfinished elements like exposed brick or concrete walls, metal finishes, and urban furniture/decor.

Our gloomy candle captures this raw, unfinished look that calls for a moment alone in your room. Notes of mahogany, palo santo, and woods add warmth to your me-time day.

Fans of Farmhouse / Coastal Grandma

The Farmhouse aesthetic features vintage accents, wooden elements, and muted pastels and gingham. It evokes a cozy and rustic feel. Similarly, the trending Coastal Grandma style typically embodies a charming and nostalgic vibe – think Grandma’s kitchen, seashell accents, and wicker furniture.

Nostalgic draws inspiration from baking with your favorite person, the smell of home, and a warm hug. Notes of white honey, amber, and warm vanilla have that “home is where the heart is” feeling.

Fans of Bohemian

Bohemian aesthetics are soft, vibrant, and free-spirited. With an artistic and relaxed vibe, it draws inspiration from patterns, textures, and colors from vintage or handmade items. Say hello macrame!

Mellow is all about this relaxed, “no plans” style with an aromatherapy blend. With notes of lavender, sage, driftwood, and cannabis flower, light this candle if you’re a plant lover and want a moment to chill.

Fans of 70s / Mid-century

The mid-20th-century aesthetic reflects the design styles from the 1940s to the 1960s (and sometimes extended into the early 1970s). With this in mind, an ideal home often incorporates shag carpets, earthy tones, funky patterns, geometric shapes, and retro furniture.

Groovy is the match made in heaven for this funky home style with notes of daisy, light berry, cashmere, and musk. In general, it will give your space a floral fragrance to reminisce this groovy era.

In conclusion, you may blend elements from different aesthetics to create your unique and personalized home styles. Ultimately, the choice of home aesthetics depends on personal taste and preferences. Which Moods candle matches your home aesthetic? Share with us on social!