NEW Moods Collection

Welcome the New Moods Candle Collection. Find the scent that suits your mood!
July 7, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of a NEW collection, which has been well-loved by our customers since its recent launch. Say hello to the Moods Collection! This colorful line has swiftly become a bestseller, captivating hearts ever since its introduction more than six weeks ago.

The Moods Collection is where emotions ignite and burn brightly. Through six unique storytelling-candles, this collection dares you to embrace your innermost feelings and set them ablaze, allowing your true self to shine through.

Moods Collection

This was a labor of love, taking well over a year to curate and release. Every detail, from the six scents to the carefully chosen color palette, the narratives behind each scent, and the bespoke packaging, was meticulously selected to create an unparalleled sensory experience.

Each candle has been crafted to capture the essence of different moods. Vibrant hues, luxurious packaging and nostalgic fragrances ignite the senses, awakening a range of emotions. It’s all about expressing yourself fearlessly. Whether you want to spark joy or embrace the tranquil serenity of solitude, the Moods Collection sets the stage for a captivating journey of self-expression.

~ For fans of fresh ~


Something is in the air. You’ve hit every green light so far in your morning commute and miraculously avoided interstate traffic. No line at the drive-thru either – one large iced oat milk latte, please! Go buy a lotto ticket because today is your lucky day.

Scent Notes: cool water, ozone, flower petals


~ For fans of citrus ~


You’re slap-happy & feeling chatty despite your typical introverted behavior. It’s brought on by being around your favorite people (and maybe a few mimosas). Nothing can ruin this serotonin boost.

Scent Notes: champagne, mandarin, blackberry


~ Fans of woodsy ~


Sometimes you’ve gotta remove yourself from the world and escape to your room. Let it out, shed a few tears, & clench that warm mug of chamomile tea while you dramatically gaze out the window–because you are the main character in this drama.

Scent Notes: warm mahogany, palo santo, woods


~ Fans of sweet ~


Warm & comforting, just like the feeling of home. It’s waking up to your favorite breakfast on the table, building an epic fort in the basement, snuggling up on the couch to watch your show. Sometimes it’s the little things that we end up missing the most.

Scent Notes: white honey, amber, warm vanilla


~ Fans of herbal ~


Today’s plans are no plans at all – and that’s okay! Your agenda consists of mind-numbing TV, something greasy to eat, and the company of your favorite scented candle (of course).

Scent Notes: lavender, sage, driftwood, cannabis flower (This product does NOT contain any form of THC or Cannabis.)


~ Fans of floral ~


Headed west, cruising down the highway in the Volkswagen Transporter–equipped with orange shag carpet and lava lamps for the vibes. We may not know the destination, but we do know there are going to be great times along the way. It’s all about peace and love, my friend.

Scent Notes: daisy, light berry, cashmere, musk


Which Moods candle are you burning first?? Let us know on Instagram in the comments and happy clean burning!