NEW: Holiday Moods Candles

Holiday candle season is here -- and here to ring in the most festive time of year! Shop our new Holiday Moods scents before they're gone.
November 20, 2023

Meet the new Merry, Naughty and Nice candles of the Vellabox Moods collection. This limited edition was designed to suit every festive occasion and mood during the holiday season. From the Merry candle that embodies joy and festivity with its holly notes, to Naughty that’s designed to play on every kid’s nightmare of receiving coal at Christmas, and finally, the Nice candle that smells like Grandma’s holiday treats – there’s something to gift everyone!

~ Pairs well with a holiday party ~

Meet Merry

The Merry candle is the perfect companion for your festive celebrations, spreading cheer and a heartwarming ambiance at home.

notes of holly, cypress, clove, cranberry


~ The best white elephant gift ~

Meet Naughty

The Naughty candle is a mischievous and daring creation. It adds a touch of spice and playfulness to that special someone’s home who might not be on Santa’s list or could use a good laugh.

notes of frankincense, myrrh, oud, amber


~ Are you on Santa’s list? ~

Meet Nice

The nice candle will warm your heart with freshly baked sugar cookies wafting in your hometown kitchen. It evokes the warmth of holiday gatherings and the excitement of the season.

notes of vanilla, sugar, almond, melted butter


So, which Moods candle are you gifting this holiday season?? Comment your favorite on our Instagram @vellabox and after all happy clean burning!