Meet the Maker: Sunday’s Child Candle Co.

Get to know our November Box Candle Partner Maker! These scents from Sunday's Child Candle Co. were born from a passion project turned into good smells and good deeds.
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December 12, 2022

Katy Weniger, Candle Maker Featured in the November 2022 Vellabox

Sunday’s Child focuses on scents that compliment the home, rather than overwhelm your space, that are hand-poured in small batches in their home studio in Brewster, New York.

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Q: How did Sunday’s Child Candle Co. get started?

A: What began as a love for candles exploded into a full-blown obsession after I received a candle-making kit for Christmas 2019. A year later, I decided to start selling them right before COVID hit and had no idea this hobby would blossom into a nearly full-time endeavor.

Originally called Baxter Craft Co., the business felt like it wasn’t quite me at the six-month mark, so I started planning a rebrand. I played around with other names, and after talking with my mom, I remembered a poem she read me when I was young. I couldn’t get it out of my head:

“Sunday’s Child was born. Monday’s child is fair of face. Tuesday’s child is full of grace. Wednesday’s child is full of woe. Thursday’s child has far to go. Friday’s child is loving and giving Saturday’s child works hard for his living.”

When I decided to venture into the world of candle making, I wanted to make beautiful, sustainable candles using only nontoxic and phthalate-free fragrances and wicks free from lead and zinc.

And I only use 100% soy wax, grown in the USA. Soy wax is clean-burning and safe for pets, kids, and you!

Bookish is a smokey caramel, and it reminds me of those large, dark libraries with leather chairs and smoking jackets. I wanted to add a scent to my core collection that was a bit darker, but not overly masculine with notes of orange, tobacco leaf, leather, patchouli, caramel, and vanilla.

Sage Advice follows that same vein; I was looking for something bright but not sweet. It’s a clean and punchy scent with notes of eucalyptus, sage, sandalwood, amber, moss, and cedar.

Snug Life is from my Winter collection and is so cozy. It really brings me back to the feeling of the holidays I had as a kid with notes of bergamot, citrus, mahogany, violet, sweet vanilla, and musk.

These featured scents are available in the Vellabox candle shop!

Q: What is your favorite candle that you’ve created?

A: My favorite candle is actually one of my seasonal offerings for the fall, Toil & Trouble with notes of cinnamon, sugar, amber, balsam, patchouli, cedarwood and vetiver. The best way I can describe the scent is spooky!

My favorite non-candle product has to be the floral diffusers – they’re a beautiful piece of home decor that offers a flameless, all-day scent.

Q: What has been the most rewarding part of running your own business?

A: The most rewarding part of running my own business is getting to see the response from customers. Some people are just so kind, it’s really amazing.

Q: What has been the most challenging part of running your own business?

A: The hardest part is finding balance. When I started selling candles I was home (like the rest of the world) and unemployed. I’ve since gotten a full-time, hybrid job that takes up my days. So finding a way to balance the business with my job can sometimes get tricky.

Q: What has surprised you most about candle making?

A: What honestly surprised me most was how many people use candles! Growing up we never used them in our house – my dad’s a firefighter, so we were never allowed to. The amount of repeat customers who go through candles monthly is incredible.

Q: A fun fact about Sunday’s Child?

A: Our original name was in tribute to my partner’s childhood dog!