Repurpose Your Candle Accessories for a Fun Way to Go Green

As a candle lover, you’ve probably already experienced a buildup of empty candle jars, boxes, and packaging. If you’re crafty, you may even have already invented a few new uses for these items in your house.
November 13, 2019

We know you love your candles.

We know you don’t require any more reasons to love your candles.

But brace yourself, because we’re about to give you a whole bunch more.

As a candle lover, you’ve probably already experienced a buildup of empty candle jars, boxes, and packaging. If you’re crafty, you may even have already invented a few new uses for these items in your house.

However, for the less inventive among us, Vellabox wants to provide an exciting list of ways that you can turn your ordinary candle accessories into useful items around your house. That way, you’re left with a much cozier home, even after your candle is all burned up.

Plus, it’s a great way to have fun and save the planet – what’s there to lose?

Meet the Vellabox Candle Accessories: Can You Reuse Them All?

At Vellabox, we provide a monthly subscription service where we curate artisanal, paraffin-free wax candles and send you a new one every month. Each candle we send comes inside a small, candle-sized drawstring bag, inside a box made out of recycled material. The box also contains an info card telling you all about your new candle, along with a small mystery gift (usually a home, beauty, or snack item).

We do our part to save the environment by limiting the amount of packaging we use to deliver your candle. Now, it’s your turn to do the same. We challenge you to reuse all of your candle-related items.

Repurpose Your Candle Jar

Each candle we provide comes in a glass jar. Depending on the subscription you ordered, you would be left with a 4-ounce or 8-ounce glass jar after you’re done using your candle.

Can you think of all the ways you could repurpose a nifty little jar like that? Here are some of our ideas for inspiration.

Decorate Your House While You Go Green

Whether you want to decorate your office, bedroom, or living room, you can always find something pretty to display inside these glass jars. Try the following for an instantly decorative piece:

  • Flowers: Fill the bottom with soil and display your plants or flowers (fake ones are good too)!
  • Terrarium: Mini terrariums are very cute and so fun to make.
  • Succulents: Succulents + candles: The perfect match. Our friends over at Succulents Box sell the best succulents and air plants around. Once your candle is gone give your succulent a new home!
  • Tea Lights: Add a romantic flare to any meal by putting a tea light inside your jar and setting it on the table.
  • Potpourri: Cut up some plant materials, like orange peels and flower petals, and you’re all set with DIY potpourri.

Practical Ways to Reuse Your Jar

If your place needs some more organization, maybe there is a more practical use for your candle jar. Use your jar for instant organization of these easy-to-lose items:

  • Lip Balm or Lip Gloss
  • Makeup Brushes
  • Scrunchies
  • Bobby Pins
  • Q-tips
  • Cotton Rounds
  • Matches

Possibly our favorite way to reuse our smaller candle jars is for spices.

Allow your organizational dreams to come true with this Pinterest-worthy hack! These are so cute that they deserve to be out on display. Now, your spices are in reach, and add some aesthetic flair to your kitchen!

Repurposing your candle jar provides ease of access plus convenient storage. Plus, the lid keeps your stuff from getting dusty.

Never lose your items again and keep your space tidy – effortlessly!

Recycle Your Box

We source our boxes from a manufacturer that uses recycled material and minimizes waste throughout the entire manufacturing process. We encourage you to continue the product lifecycle by making sure to recycle your box!

Even better than recycling is repurposing! After you unbox your candle, you can repurpose your box to store things around your home.

Got a cluttered desk? Use the box to organize your cords or other office supplies.

Nowhere to put your old batteries? Need a place to collect your spare change?

The candle box has you covered.

For Maximum Creative Challenge, Try Upcycling

If you’re looking for a creative challenge, why not try turning your candle box into a picture frame?

Or, try using it to make a Christmas ornament. The cardboard is a blank canvas of possibilities! …Now that we’re thinking about it, use it as a canvas to paint on!

In fact, each of the candle accessories can by upcycled into something great with a little bit of artistic flare. Join in on the mason jar craze, and see what other kinds of unique creations you can come up with.

Reuse Your Bag

Adorable, mini drawstring bags can be super useful in a pinch.

Our customers favorite use for the bags is regifting.

  • Both bag sizes make the perfect wrapping for your small presents. Once you’ve enjoyed your gift, recycle your bag to gift again! Pay it forward!

Use the small ones while you’re travelling to carry small amounts of toiletries – like Q-tips, cotton balls, or hair accessories – or use them to secure other odds and ends. The smaller bags are also great for storing your makeup or jewelry.

Here are some more great ways to use the larger bag:

  • Store your spare change
  • Protect your phone cords while you’re on the go
  • Organize your pet’s treats or toys
  • Collect essential oils
  • Carry some snacks or toys for the kids

What other ways can you come up with?

Repurpose Your Card

The inspirational quote card that decorates the inside of your Vellabox is purposely designed to be easily removed.

Your candles make your space elegant and inviting. Your info cards can do the same.

If you’ve collected a bunch of these cards you can tie them together on a string by punching a hole in it and drape it across the room. The cards are designed to fall within a neutral color scheme, so they’ll look great in most spaces!

Stick them up on a bulletin board, fridge, or attach them to the wall like a group of polaroids to add a fresh, fun feel to your room.

Is just displaying one enough? The cards are seasonal, so swap them monthly in the same frame. Keep the past photos behind it for next year!

Decorate your house while you reduce, reuse, and recycle your cards.

Have Fun Going Green with Repurposed Candles and Vellabox

Vellabox is always on the hunt to help make your house a home. Whether that’s sending you a great candle, or helping you repurpose the materials that it comes with.

The health and happiness of your household is our priority. That’s why we take care to handpick artisanal, American-made candles for you to enjoy every month. We use a limited amount of packaging, and we ensure you keep your family safe by never sending petroleum-based candles.

It is our pleasure to help you repurpose the materials that come with your candle in order to maximize the enjoyment of your monthly box while saving the planet.

Want to learn more? Head over to our FAQ page. If you’re interested in receiving a new candle every month, sign up for a monthly subscription now.