Scent Horoscope: Gemini Edition

Gemini season is coming to an end. But before we snuff this flame, find out which scent category & candles are a match made in heaven for this air sign!
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June 15, 2023

If your birthday falls between May 21 – June 20, happy birthday you Gemini! You’re the first air sign of the zodiacs, so you tend to go where the wind takes you. And if you aren’t a Gemini, don’t be surprised if you seem more willing to be social, dream big and bright, or do anything and everything this month.

Geminis are known for their vibrant energy and quick-wittedness, making them the perfect plus 1, happy hour buddy, and good friend to have. By possessing a curious nature, they’re constantly seeking new experiences and knowledge. They also value freedom and independence to explore their many interests. While their multifaceted nature can sometimes lead to indecisiveness, Geminis are known for their ability to effortlessly adapt to any social situation and typically change as well.

Gemini’s Scent Category: Woodsy

Having a dual nature to their personality, they thrive on adventure, creativity, and spontaneous plans, embracing a woodsy, nomadic spirit. Since Gemini’s symbol is twins, you can let go of the idea that you can only act one way, that you can only be one thing or prefer only one scent or category. During this season, you can acknowledge all aspects, personalities, and scent preferences that make you YOU.





You might be asking yourself, which candles pair with the woodsy category? And since Geminis tend to be indecisive, here are 5 candle picks from Vellabox’s online artisanal shop:

~ The thrill-seeking Gemini ~

Yippee Ki-Yay

This leather chair has seen a lot of laughs, cries, and Die Hard movie marathons.

With warm, masculine notes of leather, sandalwood, tobac, and whiskey lassoed up with the fresh-suede cool of iris and delicate, dewy rose.



The Explore candle has all the right notes to inspire your next adventure with notes of grapefruit, ginger, and bamboo. Perfect match for a Gemini.



Inspired by backpacking trips to the amazing Arches National Park.

Scent notes: clay, wild sage, sand, cashmere, ivy, sea salt, lilac, resin, bergamot, cedar & pine


~ Gemini wine lover ~

Red Blend

Name a Gemini who doesn’t like wine night. It’s a beautiful night with good food, good friends, and of course good wine! Drink it up!

Full-bodied, round, and rich with notes of blackberry, black cherry, and oak.


~ OOO Gemini ~


The bright sun beats down and waves crash in the distance past the cobblestone alleys.

Fig trees sway in the wind and a glass of white wine is in your hand. You’re a Gemini, Santorini dreaming.


If you’re a Gemini, which candle are you lighting first? Comment below! And let us know your sign if you’re not a Gemini!