Candles For You Based On Your Taylor Swift Era

This blog is Taylor Swift approved! Shop the candle for you based on your Taylor Swift era.
September 13, 2023

Where my swifties at?! Whether you survived the Ticketmaster nightmare, saw her on tour or just a huge Taylor Swift fan, then you’re well aware of the eras.

But if you live under a rock, sorry, then let me catch you up to speed. Each album of hers is considered an “era” that represents a shift in her musical style, from country to pop to indie folk, as well as her personal growth. Based on your favorite era(s), here’s the candle you should shop next!


Taylor’s debut album in 2006 is a knack for storytelling and relatable songs about love and heartbreak. The Nostalgic candle takes you back to screaming Our Song in your mom’s car and Yippe Ki-Yay has Country Taylor written all over it.


Taylor’s sophomore album marked her evolution as a country-pop star, exploring themes of young love and growing up. Who else is playing Love Story at their wedding? Speaking of Romeo & Juliet, you’d find them burning Stargazing like the star-crossed lovers they are paired with Rose Bouquet, which would absolutely smell like Juliet’s bedroom.

Speak Now

This unapologetic album delved into personal experiences, relationships, and Taylor’s songwriting prowess. Burn this candle when listening to Taylor’s version and you’ll feel 13 again. Like Dear John, Dark Rose & Labdanum is sultry, deep and romantic. Shop these candles before they’re gone because the sparks are flying.


Red was a transitional phase for Taylor featuring a blend of country and pop, focusing on the intense emotions of love and loss. Pair this more mature album with Red Blend (optional glass of red too) or Coral Lipstick because we must pay tribute to the classic red lip.


1989 was truly Swift’s full embrace of pop music, characterized by catchy anthems and a newfound confidence. Salt + Sea is a perfect match for this chart-topping album of self-discovery and empowerment. Because who doesn’t want to spark fresh starts and beach vibes of with this pair?!


Reputation era is a darker, edgy and moody album from Taylor. When you’re tackling media scrutiny and your public image, you need a Leather Jacket (candle) to channel your inner baddie. And don’t forget about shopping the Traveler candle for that Getaway Car!


Quite the contrast from her last era, Lover is a romantic return to love and happiness with a mix of pop and upbeat hits. Lover era fans, meet your new flame: Love Potion for a warm hug. Oh and while you’re listening to Cruel Summer for the sixth time, don’t forget to snuff the flame of Summer Nights.


The Folklore era is a departure into indie folk, showcasing Taylor’s storytelling skills with introspective, melancholic songs. It’s cardigan weather, getting lost on a hike and hitting play on August. Therefore, it only makes sense to match this era with Forbidden Woods!


A companion to “Folklore,” the Evermore era continues the indie folk sound and lyrical depth. Being a winter album, we need all the cozy, woodsy scents. You’re lodging in a cabin for the weekend, Champagne Problems on repeat and lighting Oversized Flannel & ‘Tis the Season obviously.


Inspired by Swift’s “sleepless nights”, Midnights explores topics of anxiety, insecurity, self-criticism, insomnia and self-confidence, with lyricism characterized as confessional yet cryptic. In a true “bejeweled, When I walk in the room, I can still make the whole place shimmer” fashion, After Midnight and Discotheque are the ideal candles to burn if Midnights is your era.

Which Eras candle will you be shopping first? Happy clean burning Vellabox fam!