Team Vella’s Candle Confessions

Team Vella's Candle Confessions is a can't miss! This one pays tribute to all of our candle rookie mistakes from untrimmed wicks, tunneled candles and more.
August 24, 2022

Whether you’re getting into the candle space or consider yourself a Vellabox expert, find out what our team didn’t know before working here so you can be on your way to burn like a pro!

Plus an exclusive look at our team’s adorable baby photos!

“I had no idea what a wick trimmer was”Melina

Our candle accessories don’t just act as stylish home decor. They help preserve and maintain the life of your candle. 

Why you should trim your wicks

Use our wick trimmer to trim 1/4th of your wick to ensure a more even burn, less soot (aka less black candle rims) and a longer candle lifespan!

“I’ve never thought to put my candle in the freezer to reuse the jar”Lauren

How do you reuse Vellabox?

Our glass Vellabox candle jars make it easy to reuse!

Your old candle jar is the new home to a small pant, makeup brush holder, you name it.

Learn 3 ways to clean out your candle jar!

Sustainable Packaging

We help minimize plastic waste with recyclable boxes + paper filler, glass jars and canvas bags.

Our canvas bags are a fun, eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap packaging to keep our candles safe in shipping with a variety of colorful patterns and prints. Our team likes to use bags for dog treats, jewelry, travel and more.

“You’re supposed to keep your candle lit until the first layer of wax is evenly burned.”Caroline

This helps stop your candles from tunneling! Tunneling, or what might look like a sinkhole, is caused by short burns.


How to fix your tunneled candle?

You can fix tunneling with a couple of different methods:

  • with a hair dryer
  • putting your candle in your oven at 175 degrees
  • wrapping your candle in aluminum foil

To best avoid tunneling, keep your candle lit until the first layer of wax is burned evenly (usually 2 hours).

Follow @vellabox on TikTok for a step-by-step!

“I thought wicks were inserted after wax was poured”

BTS of candle production

There’s a lot more that goes into candles than mixing scents and pouring wax. Our small but mighty team handles candle production from wicking, pouring, label printing, shipping + more.

Chris is our team’s warehouse operations lead and he loves the people and the challenge of creating a sustainable business together!

I didn’t even know candles could be toxic?!” – Bri

Clean Burns

We spread love not chemicals at Vellabox. Our candles are quality tested in Columbus, OH & made with quality ingredients:

  • 100% natural soy wax (no paraffin wax)
  • Phthalate, paraben and artificial dye free
  • Premium fragrance oils

Our candles are non toxic and our partners use a mix of high grade premium fragrance and essential oils. Cheers to clean burning!

How many independent candlemakers there are in the U.S.” – Brittany

Monthly Box Partners

Last year, we had the honor of working with 11 artisan candlemakers from across 9 states.

Our partners are selected based on their quality ingredients, eco-friendly practices, values, range of seasonally-inspired scents and aesthetic, of course!

Which Vellabox candle partner is your favorite?

“Room size plays a role in candle scent throw”Lydia

Has your candle ever smelled too strong or not enough?

Before working at Vellabox, Lydia didn’t know that there’s a relationship between the room you’re burning a candle in and the power of a candle scent.

Opt for our 4 oz candle if you choose to burn your candle in a smaller room like a bathroom, small bedroom, on your desk or entryway.

For your bedroom, living room or kitchen, opt for an 8 ounce or larger candle that has a 50+ hour burn time.

Burn like a pro tip: Your candle should compliment the size of your room.

There you have it! A little insight on Team Vella’s candle confessions! We’re learning something new each day about the candle industry and you our customers — should you have any questions or tips to share feel free to reach out.

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