Vellabox Team Candle-Making Event (BYO Jar!)

Our team made their own custom candles with their own vessels from home (and Vellabox candle jars of course)!
December 27, 2023

As a fun and eco-friendly bonding experience, our team brought a vessel (or few) from home to Vellabox HQ to reuse and repurpose into a custom candle. Each team member sparked joy over becoming a candle scientist for the day – mixing and blending their perfect scent.

Keep reading for the behind-the-scenes of our team pour event! And if you’re feeling inspired to repurpose your candle jar of the month after this, then we have a sweet DIY activity for you below.

Vellabox HQ Team Pour Event

At Vellabox, we’re all about candles. Our monthly subscription box delivers hand-poured artisanal candles to doorsteps across the country. So, when we decided to organize a team event, it only made sense that candles would be at the center of it.

Our team gathering was all about repurposing pottery vessels, bowls, martini glasses and of course our very own Vellabox candle of the month jars. It was a fantastic way to blend our passion for candles with a sustainable twist.

The Process

  1. Gathering Materials: We encouraged our team members to bring in their empty candle jars and containers from home. This way, everyone could participate, and it gave us an opportunity to recreate our favorite candle scents.
  2. Cleaning and Prepping: The first step was to clean the old jars thoroughly. We soaked them in hot, soapy water to remove any remaining wax and labels. It was a surprisingly therapeutic process.
  1. Scent Creation: Our team bonded on a different level while getting creative and showing off our personalities through our scent selections. It was so hard to pick from our robust fragrance library!
  2. Filling with Wax: To complete the transformation, we melted some wax and poured it into the jars. Voilá – a new candle!

The Joy of Reusing

The best part of this event was the sense of accomplishment and creativity it brought to our team. We not only repurposed old jars but also learned new skills and created personalized keepsakes. Plus, it reminded us of the importance of sustainability and how we can make a difference, one candle jar at a time.

At Vellabox, we believe in the power of teamwork, creativity, and sustainability. Our team pour event, centered around repurposing candle vessels, brought us closer together and reminded us of the importance of reuse.

We hope our experience inspires you to embark on your own vessel reuse journey, whether it’s through crafting or creating thoughtful gifts like hot cocoa kits. Share your reuse creation on social media and tag us @vellabox. Happy Holidays!